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Doing a remake and adding a fan made character.

Posted by KoltonKennedy - June 14th, 2021


I have decided that I will do a remake of Ikimono High the Visual Novel. It'll have major changes in dialogues but it will keep the same old story. All the artwork will have a make-over. Character sprites, backgrounds and CGs. There will also be new added scenes that will make the game longer. The game will totally feel different!

Also, I will be adding one fan made character to the game. So if you have any ideas for a character that will perfectly fit in to the Ikimono High universe then feel free to message me.

Character must be:

  1. A girl ( she will get her own route )
  2. Another being besides a human, of course.
  3. Not related (family) to another already existing character.


  1. If you could submit an art of her, that would be great. Of course, I will slightly modify her looks to my style and give her a uniform fit for an Ikimono High student.
  2. If you're not that great at drawing, you can describe what she looks like.
  3. Name must be japanese and related to what she is (ex. Hidzume = Hoof, Nomi = Only, Shiryoku = Eyesight)
  4. What is her monster race?
  5. What is her backstory? (if you can't think of one, I'll make one for the character)
  6. What is her personality? (ex. cheerful, gloomy, yandere, tsundere)

I will only pick one. If I liked what you submitted, you will receive a message from me. I will add her to the game and you will also get credited.

That is all for now!


Comments (1)

Good to see you back! Really interesting to see how the game will turn out with the new art style. Regarding the character suggestion, would a succubus work for your game or would that be too much, maybe? If not, then perhaps you could bring back any of the missing characters from your older games, like the Sphynx girl who liked riddles (can't remember her name, it's been so long).
Also, is there a deadline for the suggestions? I might try and make a drawing of her in that case

A succubus is allowed. I was thinking of bringing back older characters too but it will not count as a submission. Regarding the deadline, I will announce it on my next post. Thanks!