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2017-09-30 07:47:07 by KoltonKennedy

Okay. I made some time. Somehow. I'll definitely work on my games.

I'm kind of busy lately...

2017-09-24 06:42:55 by KoltonKennedy

I really don't have as much free time as I used to. I'm too busy with my work and trainings. I'm becoming more inactive lately on NG. I don't know if I'm ever going to finish Ikimono High VN. Should I just turn it to a flash game instead? When I make flash games, it usually takes less than a month. If I continue to work on it though, it might take forever. I don't want to make you guys wait.


2017-08-07 08:21:32 by KoltonKennedy

Sorry, but Ikimono High VN will be delayed. Some stuff happened but I started working on it again.

Ikimono High VN Demo is out

2017-05-24 11:56:18 by KoltonKennedy

Ikimono High first started as a dating sim flash game on newgrounds back in 2015. Now, it's being remade into a full ren'py visual novel game. And hey, what do you know? A demo is out.


You can download it here for free:


Just extract and you're ready to play.


It's a demo so a lot of things might still change. I will also add more features in the final game.


Ikimono High will be what it always is. Cute and simple. Thanks for playing, guys.

Yes, a demo will be released tomorrow. I'll post the details here.


2017-05-09 08:05:39 by KoltonKennedy

A demo is on its way.


2017-04-15 01:09:04 by KoltonKennedy

Made a page for Ikimono High: The visual novel on itch.io

The game is still on development but you can check it out.


Something to look forward to.






These will be the last screenshots I'll post before I publish the game. If you have any questions or last minute suggestions, comment below.

Should I make a demo?

2017-03-07 09:32:27 by KoltonKennedy

Should I make a demo of Ikimono High the visual novel?

-Ikimono High: The visual novel will be a renpy visual novel game

-Seven new characters

-Ten or more endings

-Improved graphics and a more mature story

-Hours of gameplay


Here's a screenshot of the game:


You can find more screenshots of the game on the official FB page.

The game is only 20% complete. Stay updated.